We Care NHS. Yoga for Nurses during COVID-19

Quick Yoga Exercises for NHS Staff from Free Spirit Yoga

Nurses, doctors – escape for 5 minutes to reset, with quick yoga sessions.

Action in full effect from Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer Victoria Jones, offering quick 5-7 minute yoga sessions specifically for NHS workers to help them recover from a long day at work fighting the virus. Follow @freespiritfitnessculture – Thank you Vicky, Thank you NHS!


Free Vegetable Boxes for NHS WOrkers during COVID-19

Free Vegetable Boxes for NHS workers

Many NHS staff will be in great need of healthy fruit and vegetables when they get home, there are already some great projects such as Mealsforthenhs and Uber Eats offering free delivered meals to NHS workers, but an idea in a community is to come together to fund a vegetable box to leave on a nurses or doctors doorstep?

One idea from @_bajo was to chipin to collet veg from their local farm shop.

Idea from @_bajo
“Can neighbours on a street, chip in a small amount each through @paypaluk, to buy a veg box for a nurse or doctor that lives nearby for delivery? Hey @vegetable_matters – is this something we can do for any keyworkers locally? @gloshealthnhs

Free flowers for NHS staff and workers

Organising the sending of flowers to NHS Staff?

Can communities organise a whip round for flowers, and leave on NHS workers doorsteps?

“Can neighbours on a street, chip in a small amount each to buy some flowers for a nurse or doctor that lives nearby for delivery? Might be best to arrange flowers already in a vase so they don’t have a task when they get home after a long shift! Is this possible @freddiesflowers?”

NHS Volunteers against COVID-19

Your NHS Needs you. 750,000 Volunteers sign up

The UK Government asked the general public to volunteer to help take the strain from key workers and the response was absolutely inspirational. Within the first 24 hours, over 250,000 people had volunteered, hitting the governments target in such a short space of time.

As of March 27th 2020, the number was closer to 750,000.

Members of the public can sign up quickly and easily at goodsamapp.org/NHS to become NHS Volunteer Responders and can be called on to do such tasks as

  • delivering medicines from pharmacies;
  • driving patients to appointments;
  • bringing them home from the hospital;
  • or making regular phone calls to check on people isolating at home.


Headspace for the NHS

Headspace App offered for free to all NHS Staff

Andy Puddicombe and the team at Headspace (a great app that guides you through meditation sessions), have offered the app for free to all NHS workers. A perfect gesture when NHS staff will need some calm, reflection and time to pause.

NHS Staff – Start your Headspace here.

Instructions for NHS Staff.

To activate your free NHS membership, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on this link and follow the sign up prompts

  2. Please select your type of profession for the NHS:

    1. Clinical professionals (e.g. Doctors, Nurses, etc.)

    2. Non-clinical professionals (e.g. administrative functions)

    3. Wellbeing lead (e.g. the person responsible for staff wellbeing)

  3. After you select your NHS profession-type, you’ll be directed to a new page to sign-up and enroll in the benefit. These are the steps:

    1. Create a new Headspace account or log into your existing one

    2. Verify that you work for the NHS by providing your NHS email address

    3. Go to your NHS email and click on the verification email you just received

    4. Download the mobile app and log into your Headspace account

Please keep in mind that the activation email is only available for 24 hours and may be sent to a spam/junk folder. If you are having trouble verifying your email, please try the enrollment flow once more.

Charlie Mackesy – To the NHS Staff. Thank You x

Charlie Mackesys Beautiful illustrations for the NHS

Charlie Mackesy put together some beautiful illustrations and shared them to the world. Later, the NHS started to use his illustrations as a screensaver on their machines.

A lovely message, a lovely gesture.

Meals for the NHS

Meals for the NHS

A beautiful example of a powerful idea and a team of people coming together to do one of the most important things that NHS staff fighting Covid-19 need – food in their bellies!

Check out their Meals for the NHS website, you can donate to their cause to help offer free meals to NHS staff.



Check out their cause