Have you got a 3D Printer, and want to help the NHS print Face Protection Shields?

A group of 3D printing enthusiasts have founded a group called 3DCrowd UK and are working with medical institutions to provide their printers and their time to print protective face shields for NHS workers. They are now asking for volunteers with 3D printers, and the public donations to help print and deliver these shields to medical teams that most urgently need them. Visit their website to get involved.

“…the production of functional shields to protect medical workers that can be produced by anyone with the raw materials and a 3d printer, and thanks to Joseph Prusa we have just such a design. we have makers from across the country currently donating their print time and their materials to produce these shields, we have hospitals across the country asking for supplies but we only have so much material on hand and can only afford so much to donate to produce these. and so this is where this campaign comes in! we are looking for support to allow us to cover the cost of materials and transport of these masks where ever they are needed, each kilo of filament can, on average, print around 20 face shield frames, each kilo of petg filament costs on average around £20 per spool even now we have orders for 70, 100, 800- shields to be delivered asap, we need filament, we need elastic and plastic sheets for the visors and with your help we can afford this! we can keep our NHS staff healthy, they should never have to work without vital PPE (Personal Protective Equipment.)”