Rainbows for Nightingale to show We Care NHS!

A lovely project that has popped up across the country, asking children (or big children) to paint, draw or sketch a rainbow for Nightingale in London and share on Social Media with the hashtag #RainbowsForNightingale – thousands of pictures have been created across the UK already and many more I’m sure will be created over the Easter break.

NHS Nightingale has asked kindly for NO pictures to be posted to them – just shared on Social Media and perhaps placed in your front window so your neighbours can view your artwork!



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Homeschool classmates ? These kind of group activities are a welcome break from trying to get Ariel to focus on anything but pure disruption when April’s trying to concentrate. It’s like a switch goes off in her when April is sitting quietly doing work, she becomes a Tasmanian Devil she can’t bear it ? We went on our first walk to spot rainbows in people’s windows, we haven’t left the house in two weeks so really needed to get out, but even just a fifteen minute walk round the block you still get dirty looks ??. Scared to leave the house incase someone takes our picture and puts it on twitter calling us selfish idiots ? Well anyway they got home and immediately wanted to work on a window display for other children to spot so that’s school for today ??❤️ . #fingerpainting #rainbowsfornightingale

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